Daniel Paul Ternes

I've been working as a technical eCommerce Consultant since 2011 (enkomion.com).

I studied Philosophy at Universit├Ąt Trier and have spent several years living in Portugal, Mongolia, and South Korea. I speak German, English, and to a lesser extend French and Mongolian.

Current Projects:

  • Thinking about COVID-19
  • Helping companies cut inefficiencies out of their Facebook ad spending by improving signal quality
  • Working with a tutor to improve my reading level in French
  • On hold:
    • I just moved to Berlin and was planning to meet people here and explore the city
    • Shopify App Development

Other Interests:

  • Philosophy (Applied Epistemology, Ethics, Ancient Greek Philosophy)
  • Political, economic, and cultural evelopments in Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, & Portugal
  • Economic History
  • Reading, Walking, Swimming, Tea

To get in touch, please write to dt [at] danielternes.com or reach out on Instagram.